Dream:Dreambook - Worms

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worms / killing worms / see worms / worms under the skin / worms in hair

Dream of worms means that now you should focus on what is really important. Current issues will not wait for them to settle. When we dream, you see a lot of glizd, you must now be careful not to fall victim to theft. Better guarding well their stuff. According to the dream book worms would remind us about things that can not be put on a side track, it is better to settle as soon as possible. The importance of sleep glizda in the digestive tract is a warning against hasty action which can be bad for you.

  • When you see the worms would, your lies make people start to despise you. Crawling worms would symbolize depression because of the intrigues of others. Trampling asleep glizd a fortune luck. If you are afraid in a dream glizd, you now worry more about finances. Application glizd on the hook is in reality a sign enemies use for their own purposes. Maybe this much pay. When the worms would find in a fog, you have an enemy who might try to spoil your mood.
  • White worms would may symbolize neglected duties or financial matters that require immediate resolution. They are usually associated with the process of rotting, disease and death. If you appear on any part of our body, perhaps it is affected by a problem.
  • Worms would under the skin can foretell that infect someone with his behavior. When you see the worms would in their own feces, you look too pessimistic life. Killing worms to fight against adversity. Worms in the hair to symbolize the problems against love. If they come out with you, you are filled with fear.
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Paulina | 5 star star star star star
o nieeee. mam nadzieje ze sen nie bedzie zadnym odzwierciedleniem do mojego zycia. snilo mi sie ze gonilam zlodzieja ale nie moglam go zlapac. caly czas gdzies mi zdazyl uciec i mimo ze bylam o krok od niego to nagle calkiem zginal mi w jakiejs ciemnej ulicy
Kama | 5 star star star star star
mi sie ostatnio snilo, ze widzialam jak ktos kradnie cos w sklepie. zlodziej patrzyl sie na mnie a ja wiedzialam ze jak cos powiem to odwroci sie to przeciwko mnie. ze strachu nic sie nie odezwalam tylko pozwolilam mu krasc :(

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