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Similar names of dream:

white shoes / men white shoes / women white shoes / shoe factory / give someone white shoes

Dream of white shoes is a positive sign. White shoes assume the solemn chwil- communion or a wedding, and it stresses the uniqueness of the moment. According to the dream book white shoes in a dream symbolize so happy period in our lives when we will feel special, and we can take very important decisions about the future.

  • Most often dream about the white shoes occurs in women. Donning their white shoes in a dream symbolizes the arrival of some important event for them. The importance of sleep white shoes thus includes some new life, to start the next stage. Sleep can affect both the emotional and family issues, as well as professional and social spheres. If a woman shoe factory, which gives it a loved one, the event will concern the family. But when the shoes brings a happy child, it may be a harbinger of the emergence of offspring.
  • White shoes can also symbolize the journey. It will be very successful and meet us any complications. Moreover, while it we can relax and regenerate.
  • When a person gives someone dreaming white shoes, a nice surprise associated with them for a different person. This, however, we are offering white shoes directly contribute to it.
  • New shoes in a dream symbolize the journey. Their establishment, however, is a symbol of success, to improve the situation. Footwear is not a pair of parting portends or misunderstandings in the relationship. Sports shoes means that very easily we can overcome adversity. Shoes torn turn our attention to the very strong desire for material benefits. Their stitching is the omen coming fight.
  • Men's white shoes may be a symbol of the lack of maturity, children's behavior.
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