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in-law / mother in law dream of / mother-in sleep / horror film in a dream / in-law I dreamed

Dream of mother-heralds a warning against ignorance, not listening to anyone's advice, coming quarrel. According to the dream book-in-law it is also a call for reconciliation to resolve the dispute, stop reopen old wounds. The importance of sleep in-law varies depending on the relationship with her and performed in sleep function.



  • If you see a mother in law with whom you do not combine a good relationship, it will not gain much from someone's good advice.
  • When you argue with her, it may be a sign that she is trying to tell you something important.
  • Nice meeting with the mother in law represents a successful marriage.
  • f you see her in a dream pregnant, will open up new perspectives in marriage.
  • When you learn about the death of mother in law, you go with someone to compromise.
  • If you are in a dream-in-law it is for you nice symbolizes beneficial interests.
  • Seeing deceased mother-heralds the approach of the agreement, the end of the quarrel, happiness.
  • When you are in her home, your interests are shaky, maybe you something fail.
  • Dream of teściu is similar significance to dreams of mother in law.
  • His appointment is a reward for perseverance.
  • Quarrel with the father-a harbinger of losses and unpleasant knowledge.
  • The vision of the late-in-law in a dream means that you need to overcome the conflicts arising in the family.
  • If he is sick or dying, finally you make peace with someone.
  • Satisfied in-law is a successful marriage.


Dream of former mother-heralds a return to the old dispute or at the end of his appeasement.
Dream of szwagierce or brother's wife appearing as often as about mother-or teściu means quarrels and agreement among relatives. Your relationship with your family may need to be more involved. Meeting brother's wife is a misunderstanding, being bratową- gifts or jealousy, a conversation with bratową- loss of interest or an attempt to draw attention to someone.

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