Dream:Dreambook - High-heeled shoes


Similar names of dream:

high heels / old heels / trying shoes / black high heels / white shoes

According to the dream book high-heeled shoes are a symbol of small misunderstandings. Now you can argue with someone close, but it will not be serious disputes quickly and again there will be peace in your life. Dream of shoes on heels that are tight, a sign of unfinished business professional, you should eventually get, because now give itself felt. Walking shoes heels illustrates the desire to attract attention of a person. The importance of sleep high heels, if they are red is a high professional position. When you buy a high-heeled shoes, you are full of envy, which will certainly hurt you any time soon. Think about your behavior. If you break the heel, think carefully before you make an important decision, because it can be a mistake.
  • Old heels symbolize imprudent behavior that we incur the trouble. When we have by no sore feet, your haughty behavior become the object of jokes and ridicule.
  • Pins in a dream represent the passion and the need for love. When they go, trying to get someone to please. Heels in red to symbolize your high expectations to your partner.
  • If Trying on shoes in a dream, we must be awake prepared for the changes our lives. It should focus on the emotions that accompany the measure of shoes, because they can steer us to this, the character will have these changes.
  • When we dream of black shoes is an indication that now keep some information for yourself and do not reveal their secrets. White shoes while symbolize the increased financial needs or a wealthy patron.
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