Dream:Dreambook - Hide


Similar names of dream:

hide / hide from someone / hide and fear / hiding in the house / hide in a closet

Dream of retracting interpreted in many ways. According to the dream book hiding appearing as a symbol sleepy analyze needs, depending on where and against what is hiding. Hiding in a dream often refers to your current life situation, which can be very unstable.
  • Hide from someone in a dream is a reference to something immoral, what you did. It is a sign that you have a lot of remorse and in order to get rid of them should take responsibility for what you did. 
  • Hide from the evil of this dream as a warning - danger threatens you, so very careful of what is happening around you. 
  • Hide for fear is a reference to the restrictions that appear in your life. You need to discover these limitations and overcome them.
  • If in a dream, hiding hiding in the house is a sign that he was still looking for his place in life. Nowhere you do not feel safe and "at home". 
  • Hide in a closet in turn, the announcement of many disappointments that await you in the coming days.
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