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ghost / dream about ghost / spirit / dream about spirit

If you dream about ghosts, may be a suggestion that we have some unfinished business from the past. It is part of the mystical world, embodies fears. Ghosts in my dreams have negative as well as positive significance, so you should look at them carefully and try to interpret his dream.

The spirits of loved ones

It often happens that we dream about ghosts of people close to us. This is due to the feelings and the bonds that united us with that person for life. We think about it and subconsciously yearn mind evokes the image of a deceased person during sleep.

People who have lost their mother, father, sister or brother will never be able to forget the good and heal wounds. Therefore, dreams about the next people can suggest a huge regret and longing for the dead people. This is their only opportunity to meet again with their loved ones.

If the dream spirit trying to tell you something, it may mean that in the near future you will receive valuable tips from someone. When you dream of the spirit haunting your house, you'll probably have a problem with communication among the members of the family, this is a prophecy come misunderstandings and quarrels.
Dream in which you do not see the spirit, but you hear it suggests a deterioration of the relationship of your friends.

There are also many positive interpretation of dreams about ghosts - one of them says that if in a dream talking with a deceased person, it is a signal the coming of pleasure and nice situation. White symbolizes the spirit of peace and harmony, is the omen of happiness.
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Josh | 5 star star star star star
I saw my father's ghost in my dream. The dream scared me so much. He wanted me to help him. Somehting wrong had happened and I didnt know what and how to help him. It was awful feeling. I must visit him and hope everything is all right.
Ina | 5 star star star star star
Maybe you miss him? You should talk to him more

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