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furniture / dream about furniture / kitchen furniture / watching for futniture / covered with foil furniture / bying furniture

When your dream appear furniture, they mean attitude, opinion or other components of life. So let is focus on them to well interpret the dream of the furniture.
  • According furniture beautiful dream book is the announcement of a successful future. 
  • Old and damaged furniture bode new knowledge. Bringing furniture is a symbol of hearth and home.
  •  Carrying their means and the illness of a family member. 
  • The importance of sleep wooden furniture is in good health and stabilization.
  •  Furniture, antiques represent long life or receiving inheritance. 
  • Dream of kitchen furniture heralds visit family. 
  • Watching the furniture is a harbinger of some changes. 
  • Furniture covered with foil means that you do not like to change anything in my life. 
  • If in a dream you wipe furniture with dust, too much importance you attach to trifles. 
  • When you buy furniture, too much you are interfering in the affairs of others.
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Kamilla | 5 star star star star star
sen się sprawdził :) w końcu udało nam się pogodzić :)
marcin | 5 star star star star star
mi sie snilo ze moja siostra sie zgubila. bylismy w wesolym miasteczku a ja mialem sie nia opiekowac. odwrocilem sie tylko na chwile a jak sie obrocilem to juz jej nie bylo. strasznie sie balem gdzie jest az nagle zobaczylem ze bawi sie na karuzeli i tak sie bardzo ucieszylem ze ja zobaczylem. jak tylko sie obudzilem to poszedlem sprawdzic czy mala siostra spi spokojnie w pokoju :D

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