Dream:Dreambook - Duck

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duck / dead duck / wild duck / dream about duck / floating duck / feeding ducks / little duck

Dream of a duck means you can count on the success and improvement of living conditions. In addition, according to the dream book duck is a symbol of gullibility and immaturity that you show you or someone in your environment, for example a partner. Duck appearing in a dream can illustrate the overwhelming and limiting because it is a symbol of spiritual freedom.

  • If the duck in your dream summer, you can count on well-being. When you dive, you manage to avoid any trouble. 
  • Duck floating on the water symbolizes the unfortunate news. 
  • When you feed the duck, you help someone, but you can not expect anything in return.
  • Domestic duck is a sign of attachment to the family home. 
  • The importance of sleep wild duck is a long distance travel. 
  • When dreaming you roast duck, worsen your financial situation. 
  • Dead duck symbolizes the meddling someone in your life. 
  • Black Duck is the announcement of bad luck. 
  • When you're dreaming of a white duck, awaits you harvest.
  •  Duck color means joy and peace. 
  • Little Duck is a symbol of success on the basis of professional and private. 
  • Killing duck symbolizes getting rid of enemies.
  •  If you see a flock of ducks in a dream, you can count on a good income.
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marta moja | 4 star star star star
śniła mi sie ciąza - po 2 miesiącach zaszłam w ciąze z chłopakiem
anita | 5 star star star star star
sen o ciązy nie koniecznie oznacza, że zajdziemy w ciąże - u mnie oznaczał rozstanie się z chłopakiem i pozanie kogoś nowego - poznałam świetnego chłopaka - iedalnei pasujemy do siebie. Wiem ze chcę mieć z nim dziecko.

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