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boyfriend / talking with boyfriend / small boy / stanger boy / quarrel with boyfriend / ex-boyfriend

Dream about the boy usually indicates it to life become more responsible and active. When a woman dreams about the boy, develop masculine features of his character. But it means the same positive, because it becomes more courageous, confident and determined. According to the dream book boy dreaming a man it is but a reflection of the desires and feelings that are important to him. A handsome boy is it worth to wait for something longer. The importance of sleep a boy, when he is very sympathetic to heartbreak that will be hard for us to accept. The break with the boyfriend is a symbol of slander. Someone behind bad about you says.

  • If we see in the dream of a small boy who runs around with his friends, we show a tendency to bad association, which does not lead us to anything good. Playing with the boy is a symbol of impending good news. Teenage boy means changes in your life in which we should be guided more your heart. Tall boy is a harbinger of events that can really make a difference in your life, will increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Energetic boy means that you're living in chaos. A thing, however, requires rethinking and adjustment.
  • Talking with her boyfriend bode pleasant surprise.
  • A quarrel with her boyfriend is a sign that you include new friends soon.
  • If you see an ex-boyfriend, you fill you longing and desire to meet with him. Think, however, is it really worth it.
  • When you dream of a stranger boy, it probably is your image of an ideal partner. You can also soon establish a new relationship. When the boy asleep hugs you, you're afraid subconsciously loss of a loved one. However, this is unnecessary, because you do not distribute.
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Adrian | 5 star star star star star
to byl bardzo dziwny sen. lezalam na podlodze i wpatrywalam sie w sufit. byl on wymalowany na jasno, jednak jak zamykalam i otwieralam oczy, to sufit za kazdym razem mial inna barwe. w koncu stal sie calkowicie czarny. to byl dziwny sen..
Kronsu | 5 star star star star star
Super sennik. Sprawdził się w moim przypadku!

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