Dream:Dreambook - Affair with boss


Similar names of dream:

dream about boss / romance with boss / affair with boss

The head appears in a dream is an indication to the fact that too much thinking about work, and we should definitely more chill. Dream of boss is also a harbinger of advancement if he had a positive character. Now you can fulfill our dream of a higher position and earnings. However, the head appears in a dream is also a bad sign. It can be a fortune dismissal, and even professional troubles. Better now try to carry out an exemplary job so as not to expose the supervisor.
  • Different story with the love affair with the boss.
  •  According to the dream book affair with the boss can only be erotic fantasy. It happens especially in people who are fascinated by your employer and feel to it train. But do not worry about their fantasies. 
  • The dream of an affair with the boss can mean the unrequited love. Then you should seriously think over your relationship. Are you sure you love this person and she loves us? To maybe the person you are now fascinated with is not worth our west.
  •  The importance of sleep affair with the boss is also our train to money, power and success. We would like to achieve them and to be postponed. Hard work can, however, lead us quickly to the desired aims.
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